Tuesday, May 6, 2014

10 Things to Try this Month: May

1. A Spring Up-do

Spring Updo

With the warmer weather fast approaching, an updo makes perfect sense. It not only looks extremely adorable, but it also keeps your hair off your neck keeping you cooler in the heat. Glamour.com has a great guide to some of the cutest Updo's right now that you can try all on  your own.

2. A great Pair of Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

A fabulous pair of boyfriend jeans aren't just stylish, they are super comfy too. You can wear this style of jean with just about any top and your outfit with look effortlessly chic. Just pick a shade a denim you favor and I guarantee these will soon become a wardrobe essential.

3.Sunglasses that pop! Shades in a bright, vibrant color

Sunglasses that Pop

Bright colors are back this summer, especially when it comes to accessories! Have some fun by wearing a color that pops right on your face.

4. Orange Lips

Runway Trends: Orange Lips
A beautifully bold lip can freshen up your makeup and give you a more youthful look this summer. I think orange is the perfect hue for warm weather months.

5. A stay-cation

Have a Staycation

Too busy to plan a getaway? Why not enjoy the relaxing benefits of a vacation right in the comforts of your own home?! Have everyone at your house turn off the cell phones and unplug from social media, that way their are no distractions from your relaxation and quality family time. Try camping in your own backyard, a relaxing picnic full of delightful food, or creating an outdoor theater.

6. A great CC Cream

CC Creams

 As temperatures change, it's important for us to adapt our beauty routines and products accordingly. Try a CC cream in place of your usual foundation this month. It will offer you more coverage than a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, but will still give you a lighter feel and finish than a regular liquid foundation.

7. Making your own fresh fruit smoothies

Home made smoothies

When the weather gets warmer, nothing is more refreshing that a cool, healthy drink. With juicing becoming more and more popular, why not treat yourself to a dose of homemade fruity freshness. Good to the taste buds and the body.

8. A blushing Smokey Eye

A Blushing Smokey Eye

 This soft take on a smokey eye has been the hot ticket in the beauty and fashion world this spring. Make it even more feminine and fun by balancing the look with pale pink lips too.

9. A Fun Fedora

Fedoras for Spring

I think a great fedora is fabulous for two reasons; one, it makes any plain outfit look instantly put together, and two, it covers up a totally bad hair day. For that, I will always love rocking an adorable hat.
Here are a few of my personal favorites that I practically live in during the warmer months.


10. Brightening up your Patio

Brighten Up the Patio

Since the sun is out and more time will be spent on our patios, add a little extra eye candy to your outdoor oasis.

I've added a few bright accents to freshen up my patio this spring.
Click HERE to find more details & pics of my spring & summer ready patio.

I hope this little list inspires you to try something new this month!!

Lots of Hugs,


  1. I would love to try the spring up-do. Must start practicing till I master it! : )


    1. I'm still trying to master it too! Did you check out the one's on glamour.com? They are super cute! :)

  2. I've tried the orange lips but i need to find the right blush to complete the look. I'm thinking a bonzer type blush would be best because the pinks seem to disagree with the orangey lips Lol


    1. I definitely agree with you there! I usually just skip the blush and bronze my checks. I do still add a little blush highlight for good measure. :)