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Hey Y'all!

I'm Brittney,


 I'm a twenty-something fashion addict, make-up lover, and self-proclaimed girly-girl. I have always had a desire to share things that inspire me day to day and in life in general. Ask anyone who knows me and the first thing they will probably tell you about me is that I'm a full on chatter box. So, I started this blog to capture my ramblings for anyone that might want to listen.

I was born, raised, and still reside in Texas.

I consider myself a full-time wife to my sweet hubby of 5 years, Travis.
I have two adorable pooches, whom I am slightly obsessed with. Hank who is a male Yorkie, and Minky, who is a rescue from our local kill shelter. I'm not 100% sure what specific breads she has in her, but I am sure she is the cutest mutt on the block.
I also have a love for interior design and holiday home d├ęcor; I don't think I've reached full on intervention level maniac, but I'm dangerously close. I hope you find my thoughts here entertaining in the least, and possibly pick up a few tips and tricks along the way...and if you're feeling generous, leave a few of your own in the comments for me.
I can't promise what you will find here will be organized, but I can promise it will be fun. So please enjoy. :)

xo. Brit

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A little Something worth remembering:
Never Doubt your passions...Never lose your determination...Always stay true to YOU... And give away happiness like you're a happiness millionaire.