Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How To Have an At Home Spa Day

What better way to end the month of April than with a little pampering? As busy women, it's important to treat our skin (and our sanity) at least once a month by taking a little time for ourselves and soaking, moisturizing, and relaxing our bodies. BUT since we are all on-the-go, it can be difficult, not to mention often times near impossible, to set aside time to visit the spa or the salon and get the royal treatment we deserve. Getting a great spa treatment can cost a pretty penny too, one we'd often rather spend on necessities and therefore aren't willing to spare for a facial.

So, why not have a spa day right in the comforts of your own home?  You can treat your skin and unwind without breaking the bank.


Bath time

The best way to start your personal day of pampering is to begin with a soothing bath. Set the mood for an overall relaxing experience by lighting a few candles. If you're seeking to really bathe blissfully, play some peaceful music or soundscapes.
Using bath salts or bubble bath, which ever suits your fancy, will help calm and satisfy your senses.
While soaking in your tub, be sure to scrub away any dead skin cells that might be sticking around using an exfoliating scrub or body wash.
When you're finished soaking, be sure to hydrate your skin with a nourishing body cream or lotion.
If you really feel like indulging, you can incorporate essential oils into your bath by using them in the water or after to treat your skin for a few extra beauty benefits.


Face TIme

While it's fun to treat your face to a few more extra products than you do on a daily basis, it's important to remember to use the right products for your skin. With all the options out there, It can be tricky finding the perfect one, but have no fear, that's what the friendly sales associate at your local Sephora and Ulta stores are for. Tell them what your skin type and concerns are and they will steer you’re in the right direction. Make sure you find an exfoliator, a mask, and a cream to reap the full beauty benefits of an at-home facial. Adding an essential oil or two will boost those benefits as well.


Treat your Feet

With sandal season in full swing, it's important not to neglect your feet. After a dry winter, and months of keeping our feet tucked away in socks and boots, your feet need a little extra attention before they are ready to slip on those sling backs. Using a foot scrub can help get rid of any dry skin or calyces that you might have. If you really want to treat your feet, you can use an electronic exfoliator like the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic or, my personal favorite, the Emjoi manicure tool. After buffing away unwanted skin, sooth your soles with a lotion made specifically for your feet. I tend to have very dry feet no matter the time of year, so a little something extra I do after conditioning is throw on a pair of Aloe infused socks to really lock in the moisture.
If you want to skip the socks and finish your personal pedicure with a pretty polish, using a product like Deborah Lippman's Turn Back Time on your nails will benefit your nails with it's anti-aging properties while making them beach ready. Our nails age just like our skin, Deborah Lippman has provided us with a product to reverse the process; seriously she's a nail polish rock star, and I'm officially her biggest fan.


After that, 

Give yourself a manicure

Give yourself a salon worthy manicure by using the proper tools and products. If you want to keep your polish looking pretty longer, be sure to use a base and top coat.



After you've primped, pampered, and moisturized your body, it's time to unwind. Put on a pair of comfy pajamas, grab a cup of hot tea, and curl up in bed with a really good book, or relax on the sofa with one of your favorite chick flicks.
I hope this little post has been helpful and inspired you to spoil yourself a bit because you deserve it girlfriend!
XO. Brit


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