Friday, February 28, 2014

Top 10 Best Fashion and Beauty Apps

Technology is a beautiful thing; literally in this case! Just because we're always on the go, doesn't mean we should have to sacrifice when it comes to beauty and style. Our little pocket-computers, more commonly known as cell phones, now allow us to have fashion, beauty, and of course a plethora of other things that might suit our fancy right at our fingertips. I have become slightly co-dependent on some of my favorite smart phone apps so I thought I would share some of these little gems with you.

I've compiled a list of what I consider to be some of the best fashion and beauty apps out there and the good news; most of them are FREE!

1. PRIMP (Pretty In My Pocket)-product review app- FREE

It is no mystery that with ALL the beauty products on the market these days we could very well pull our hair out, and empty our wallets, trying to find the right one. This app makes the process so much more pleasant (and cost efficient.) Search virtually any beauty product on the market and find honest reviews from others who have already tried it. It's barcode scanning feature makes it fast and easy to use right in the store. This app also has other great features where you can post pics and give or gain beauty tips.

2. Beautylish -beauty tips & trends app - FREE

Beautylish is an easy way to keep up with the latest beauty trends and find inspiration that fits your beauty needs. This app allows you to pretty much find whatever you're looking for when it comes to beauty products and tips. Shop your favorite products, watch makeup and beauty tutorials, find photo inspiration, and read reviews from other beautylish users, among other things.

3. The Hunt - fashion finder app - FREE

We've all been there, browsing Pinterest or scouring the internet, when we come across the perfect little party dress or a must-have accessory, only to find out the item in  the picture in no where to be found for purchase. Well ladies, fear no more, The Hunt is an app designed to help "cure our outfit envy" (as the creators like to call it,) by allowing users to post pictures of items they desire and help them find it for sale. All I have to say about this app is FINALLY! and Thank you to the kind genius that created it!

4. OPI - virtual nail polish app - FREE

Whether it's just for fun or you like to try before you buy, the OPI app allows you to virtually try on ALL of their playfully named colors. Not just for fun, but also useful; this app is great if you're not sure how a particular color with look with your skin tone.

6. -street style fashion app - FREE

Need a little outfit inspiration stat? Look no further. Lookbook is an app designed around streetstyle fashion pictures posted by real people from all over the world. Browse thousands of personal portraits or post your own to inspire others with your unique sense of style.

7. Polyvore -fashion & shopping app- FREE

The possibilities are endless with this little fashion app. Create looks from individual articles of clothing and accessories (all of which are shoppable through the app) OR just browse and shop the never-ending posts and looks of other users. Trust me, once you start creating outfits in the app, you won't be able to stop!

8. Spa Finder -business locating app - FREE

This app is exactly what it claims to be and more. Spa Finder is an app that uses your phone's built-in GPS to find all the spas and salons nearest you. With detailed descriptions and reviews, this app is perfect for traveling, especially when you need a little pampering and don't know where to go. Not only does this app tell you about any specials or deals going on at local businesses, you can even book an appointment.

9. Allwomenstalk - lifestyle/blog app- FREE

Allwomenstalk has been my latest go-to read with my morning coffee every morning since I discovered it. Allwomenstalk is an app where a team of woman write short and sweet tips, tricks, and thoughts on a wide variety of topics such as fashion, fitness, travel, health, beauty, music, and much more...One of the best things about this app; all the posts are in list form, which makes for a quick and effective read.

10. Stylebook - digital closet app- $3.99

Now I know this app isn't free to download, however I've never regretted one of the 399 pennies I've spent on this little baby. This app is not for everyone, but if you're slightly obsessed with organizing your wardrobe like I am (and you have enough patience to photo-catalog everything in your closet) then you will LOVE this app as much as I do. Not only can you digitally store your closet and put together entire outfits and looks, but you can even add them to your in-app calendar so that you can outfit plan your little heart out. Everything in the app is super organized. Stylebook keeps track of everything, including how many times you've worn an outfit. It even tells you how many outfits each piece is used in, tracks the net worth of your closet, and tells you which pieces you wear the most and the least. impeccable closet organization with out the headache...I'll take it!

These are just some of my favorite daily go-to apps...what are some of yours? Let me know in the comments below.

XO.  Brit

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