Monday, July 21, 2014

South of The Border...In South Carolina

What would a road trip be without a few stops at some crazy road-side tourist attractions.
Just south of the North Carolina border lies a peculiar road side stop that takes on a bright and colorful Mexican theme.  When I saw the signs advertising this place along the highway (quite conspicuously might I add, seeing as the billboards start almost 60 miles before you get to this place,) I had to check it out. . 
This place is full of restaurants, souvenir shops, and a overabundance of giant signs emulating the vivid theme.
Being the blogger I am, I couldn't miss out on an a perfectly good opportunity for a photo op.
They had the coolest vintage inspired ice cream shop there.
The first thing you will notice if you ever visit this place, is all the crazy statues they have sitting in the middle of all the parking lots, in front of all the shops and restaurants, basically everywhere.
I couldn't resist these adorable bright blue and white animals.
My blue cropped top is from Forever 21 
My shoes are Vince Camuto.
 These colorful and fun shorts are from Francesca's.
 Thanks for stopping by today!
 If you ever find yourself South of the Border (the North Carolina border that is,) stop by and explore this quirky little place. I can ensure it to be an amusing little distraction from a long road trip.
xo, Brit  

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