Thursday, June 26, 2014

Beach Day Casual

For me, growing up in a coastal city, summer doesn't official begin with out a visit to the beach; and although I have the beach at my fingertips basically all year long, there's just something about summer that makes it all that more freeing and blissful.
My top is from Forever 21. Find it HERE
Much like that much-loved pair of jeans we all own and have worn probably more than any other article of clothing in our closet, these are my favorite shorts. I found them at American Eagle Outfitters 3 or 4 years ago, and they are still the first thing I throw on when summer roles around.

Keeping true to the theme this week, I had to throw in a little red, white, and blue some where.
This scarf is from Charming Charlie's and I just adore it. I couldn't find this exact one to link for you guys, but I wanted to link to Charming Charlie's scarves because they always have a great selection and right now they're 2 for $20, I couldn't not share such a great deal! Find them HERE
I hope everyone get's to feel the wind in their hair on the shore at least once this summer.
Thanks for stopping by.
XO. Brit







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