Thursday, September 18, 2014

Talk is Cheap

Hey loves!
I know it's been a hot minute since I've posted on the blog, and I must say I have been having major withdrawals. I just want to say, I'm sorry if anyone felt like I just left you hanging. It was an unintentional hiatus as I have just been spending time with family and my sweet hubby, and basically just living life away from the amazing ruckus of social media these past few months. I have been leisurely enjoying the end of summer so I thought I would bring you all one more look before we completely transition into all the fall fashion and fun that I am personally sooo excited about.
This summer I enjoyed few things more than a fun and fab statement tee. I've actually had this look tucked away in my camera roll for awhile now because I wanted to leave you all with one of my most favorite, go-to summer looks before the cooler weather ensues, and autumn attire takes over my life.
This muscle style statement tank is from Forever 21. Find a similar one HERE.
Black and white stripes just take up a special place in my fashion-obsessed heart. This maxi skirts design and classic color combo is universally flattering on everyone; and Yes, is as comfortable as it looks. I found this adorable skirt at my local Marshall's (surprise surprise, I practically live in that store.) but HERE and HERE  are similar styles from Dillard's, and guess what?! They are majorly ON SALE!
My sweet mom just happened to call right on cue in the midst of this photo shoot...because a "talk is cheap" fashion post just wouldn't be the same without me actually talking of course. Thanks Mom! 
 I am wearing my holy grail sunglasses - the Ray Ban Jackie Ohh II find them HERE.
On my wrist, I am wearing a BCBG bracelet I picked up ages ago but still wear almost daily, and  one of the aluminum David Yurman limited edition bracelets in black. I seriously adore these aluminum bracelets and all the colors are simply amazing.  It's hard to find these bracelets online but if you contact your local David Yurman store, you can usually get your hands on the color you're craving. HERE is a link to the sight that has a picture of all the available colors.
My earrings are from Forever 21. 
You know that pair of shoes you happened to score for 60% off at your local department store 2 years ago, and every time you wear them someone tells you how much they like them? Well these are "those" shoes for me! I feel like I made the deal of the century when I bought these babies for $30 at Dillard's ages ago. They are still serving me so well, (usually on a weekly basis too.) These are by Gianni Bini and it's safe to say they are a personal favorite. I wish I could share this exact pair with you, but since I purchased them so long ago they are no longer available (insert sad face here.) I have however found a few similar styles if you want to check those out HERE and HERE.

Thanks for stopping by today! And again, I'm sorry I took a little blogging break, but I am back and I have sooo many great things to share with you! See you soon!
XO, Brit

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