What I'm listening to right now...

The Top Five Songs on my Playlist
  • Crave You - Flight Facilities
  • National Anthem - Lana Del Rey
  • Salty Sweet - MS MR
  • Bravado - Lorde
I must be feelin' the girl power this month because I just can't get enough of these songs. I'm not going to lie, it's basically these five plus the entire Born to Die album by Lana Del Rey.
 She's been sitting in my playlist since the album's release but for some reason I've only recently been entertaining her tunes on my daily song rotation. I just love her voice's soft touch on all the dark thoughts she sings about. True musical poetry at its finest. Her songs serve as a looking glass into a world I feel like my innocent eyes haven't seen. Sex, drugs, and hopelessness correlate to paint a vision of something I can't relate too but am intrigued by, much like a trashy romance novel. 
This review is getting a little heavier than I intended so I'm going to stop right there and tell you to give her a listen, (If you haven't already.) Her modern and blunt metaphor about today's young adult mentality is amusingly relevant.

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