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My daily beauty motto in two words: "Quick" & "Easy"
I like makeup products that are easy to use and give me a great result without a lot of fuss. Usually I'm in a hurry when I'm getting ready in the morning OR I just don't like to spend hours putting on my face every day.
Here is a list of products I use on a daily basis:
(If you are interested in purchasing any of the products listed below just click on the name of the product.)
Face Primer:
Liquid Highlight:
Blush Highlight: Too Faced Candlelit Glow Duo
(I use this to add a soft Highlight to the apples of my cheeks once I've applied my blush)
To Contour:
To Highlight:
On my Eyes:
On My Lashes:
On the top:
On the bottom:
On my Eyebrows:
(I use this to fill in my brows)
My Daily go-to Lip Products: 
To Set my Makeup:

Here is a list of the Brushes I like to use:
Eyeshadow Brushes:

Just in case you are curious about the order in which I go about applying these products I have listed it below.
I usually stick to the same old routine when it comes to my makeup.
If I use the Serious Skincare CC Cream Duo:
1st: Primer
2nd:Liquid foundation
3rd: Concealer and my liquid highlighter
4th: Setting Powder
5th: Contour
6th: Blush & Blush Highlight
7th: Powder Highlight
8th: Eyeshadow
9th: Eyebrows
10th: Mascara
11th: Setting Spray
and Finally...I add a little lipstick
If I use the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus:
1st: Primer
2nd: Concealer & Liquid Highlight
3rd: Studio Fix Plus Foundation
4th: Contour
5th: Blush & Blush Highlight
6th: Powder Highlight
7th: Eyeshadow
8th: Eyebrows
9th: Mascara
10th: Setting Spray
and Finally...I add a little lipstick


  1. L O V E it, lady! YOU are so fabulous! xoxoxo

  2. blush is all around hard for me. where do i put the stuff? what color? HELP!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Krystal! I am somewhat blush obsessed and I definitely have my favorites! As far as color goes, I find that a nice understated coral shade works best on nearly everyone. You have such a beautiful skin tone I know that my go-to blush would look awesome on you (Laura Geller in Sunswept ) it's a baked blush so it goes on easily and is blended with a little bronzer so it adds color as it rosies up the cheeks. I always start by applying my blush closest to the hairline right on top of the cheek bone and move toward the center of my face. One thing I always do to my cheeks, once I've applied my blush, I go in with a highlight right above the top of the blush line and lightly trace it, slightly blending it into the blush itself. It slims the face a bit and adds dimension to your cheeks. I hope that helps! I will have to do a blog topic on blushes soon! <3
      Thanks again Girlie!